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Last Updated 1st September 2004



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Piano Solo

Gavin's Mill: Five easy sketches from Milngavie, Glasgow

If you want a copy send email to geoharmony@btinternet.com

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French Horn

French Horn: Memorial Sonata
For French Horn and Piano (12 min):
Obituary, Elegy and Celebration linked by short solo passages. First performed by Robert Martin & Dr Roger Williams in Aberdeen University, November 1994.

  1. Cri de Cor
  2. Obituary
  3. Piangevole
  4. Elegy
  5. Corale
  6. Celebration

French Horn Ensemble

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Flute (or Violin) and Piano

Academy Sonata

  1. 1.Schooldaze
  2. 2.Playtime
  3. 3.Reflections
  4. 4.Graduation

Sheet Music is available in the following;

A donation to the Deeside Choristers Choir Fund may be requested.

If you want a copy send an email to geoharmony@btinternet.com

  1. Test: Noteworthy Format Movement: use Noteworthy Player to view
  2. 1.Schooldaze

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Copyright Info.

License Agreement

Midi Files

These midi files and other files on these Web pages are the property of and copyrighted by Chris Garland, and are subject to this license agreement, which you accept by using the files.

Licensed use

Like most software, these midi files remain the property of the author (Chris Garland). You are licensed to use them according to the terms of this agreement, but you do not own them.

Composer's Rights, Performer's Rights

This license agreement refers only to the midi files, the information they contain, and the expression of that information in other formats, all of which I regard as my intellectual property.

Personal Use

The files are free for personal use:

1.You may use them on any machine that you own or control. 2.You may alter or modify them, translate them into any other format, or record them on tape or any other audio medium (please note that you may not distribute a modified or translated file or a recording--see below). 3.You may use the files as the basis of printed musical scores for your own use, as long as the scores will be neither given away, sold, performed for pay, published, nor otherwise distributed, and provided that all copies include the statement "Copyright 1997 by Chris Garland". Please keep in mind that a given midi may not accurately reproduce the original score, since notes may be shortened for articulation, repeats may be ornamented differently (or not at all) each time, etc. 4.You may play the files for an audience if no admission or other fee is charged. (Who would pay to listen to midis, anyway?) 5.You may place the files, either embedded or as links, on a web page, as long as you tell me about it, access to the page is free, you aren't selling anything with it, and you provide attribution and a link back to my site .

Commercial Use

The files may be included in commercial web pages after securing my permission in advance. I will ordinarily expect some compensation.

I may choose to withhold permission to include the files in software I deem objectionable.

The files may not be used to produce printed scores that will be sold, published, or distributed for free.

The files may not be used to produce audio recordings that will be sold, published, or distributed for free, nor may they be used in performances for which admission or other fee is charged, without my express written permission and payment of a negotiated fee.


The files may be distributed by individuals, bulletin board systems, FTP sites, WWW sites, etc., without restriction as long as:

1.No fee is charged for the files (this does not include subscription or access fees for a bulletin board or online service). 2.All .zip files or other distributed archive files include a copy of this license agreement. 3.None are modified.

For any uses not covered explicitly by this agreement, please contact me.

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